First Kendo Duel gaming session / Első Kendó Párbaj játékdélután

We have held the first Kendo Duel gaming session on 07.01.2017 at the Hungarian Kendo Federation’s office. The time has flown away quite quickly. 🙂

(The presentation will be soon available to download in English as well.)

HUN: Január 7-én, szombaton megtartottuk az első Kendó Párbaj kártyajáték bemutató és játékdélutánt a Magyar Kendó, Iaidó ésMagyar Kendo Iaido és Jodo Szövetség / Hungarian Kendo Federationirodájában. Ezúton is köszönjük a lehetőséget!
Kis csúszás után a résztvevők végighallgatták a játékot ismertető előadást, majd közösen kipróbáltuk a különböző játékmódokat. Gyorsan elrepült az idő. Köszönjük mindenkinek, aki ellátogatott a délutánra!

Az alábbi linken letölthető  a bemutató előadás: LETÖLTÉS (~39 Mb)


Kendo Duel – available now!

Welcome to the Official Homepage of the kendo playing cards!

We are really happy to announce that for the first re-print of the 9
KendoCards we have made a totally new design and improved the game-experience in many ways, based on the feedbacks of the original edition.

The second edition of the game, under the name of “Kendo Duel” with a brand new and funny design by professional cartoonist Anita Benczur, and many other improvements – is now available!

This is not a sequel or an expension. This is a revised version of the first edition.

And what is also important, Kendo Duel is not a game for kendoists, but a boardgame (card game) about kendo for everyone.

11Aim of the game

By playing Kendo Duel, players can get a little insight into kendo, they can get know some of the most important terms of kendo and they can also take a fancy to look after the local dojos and give real kendo a try.

Release Date

The Kendo Duel will be published in November 2016, cca. around the second half of the month.

We will offer a 20% discount on all orders until 10th Decemeber 2016, and a total of 50% discount until the end of 2016 for everyone who already has a set of the first edition.

Language of the game

The language of Kendo Duel is English, however we plan to make it available in more languages but there are no settlements for that yet. So if you have any ideas whom to contact, please send us a message.


For sending your order please click here.

What did not really change:

The gameplay didn’t change. It is based on the “Musashi’s challenge” version of the first edition. It’s only called: “Duel” now. There is also another version called “Competition” where you can get ippons, but this is also based on “Musashi’s Challenge” so instead of getting cards from opponents, you get ippons. It’s mostly like that.

What we have changed:

Profpoker doboz kartya meret.cdressional design

The cards got a totally new design with cartoon like kendoka on them, as you can see on the pictures. The package also got a new, more kendo-like design.

Less cards to handle

We have reduced the number of the cards, so the deck has become easily manageable. Now the new deck contains 55 cards.


All the backsides are the samepoker doboz kartya meret.cdr

The backsides of the cards have become the same colour. So no more brown, red and green cards, so you can’t see what kind of cards your opponent has. Now the three subdecks are called basic a) MEN, KOTE, DOU, TSUKI attacks, b) Counterattacks and all the c) other cards.

Less Japanese texts (in English version)

We have left most of the japanese words and kept only the most vital ones, the names of the cards.

poker doboz kartya meret.cdr


Explanations and instruction on the cards

We have placed the meaning of the japanese names of the cards in English and also some hints for the usage of the cards.

Colourful frames to help learn the usage

Instead of the white frames we use different colours which mark the function of the card. The same colour indicates the same function.


Improved gameboard and is now included in the set

We have made a new “gameboard” which is now included in the set on a folded paper.

Full rules in the set, no need to download

On the other side of the “gameboard” there are the rules of the game. The entire one, so no need to download anything anymore.


poker doboz kartya meret.cdrSpecifications:

  • 55 cards:
  • 12 basic attacks,
  • 16 counterattaks,
  • 27 other cards, including 1 Ippon marks, 1 Hansoku card
  • Gameboard and Full Rules in English


poker doboz kartya meret.cdr

Two game versions:

  • Duel for 2-4 players, Duration: 2-10 mins with 2 players
  • Competition for 2 players, Game time: 15-20 mins
  • From cca. 10 years of age




The Kendo Duel playing cards game 

akis designed by Akos Vachter (5. dan) and


illustrated by Anita Benczur (professional cartoonist)