German translation of the rules!


Slowly but surely we go on with our aim to make the rules of the game available in many languages. After the Hungarian translation we are happy to announce that the German version of the rules is ready and available on the hompage under the link “Kendo Duel rules” around the second half of the page.

A big thank you goes to Henning Schulz from Berlin for his kind help with the translation! 🙂

Flag_of_Germany.svg  You can also quickly download the rules in German in PDF form here.

The next step will be the Spanish translation 🙂

Note: The Kendo Duel playing cards is printed in English and also Hungarian and goes with printed English rules only. (The Hungarian version with Hungarian rules, of course.) The rules in other languages will be available for download only on this webpage. Currently we are not planning new releases in other languages.)