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The Kendo Duel playing cards game 








is designed by Akos Vachter (5. dan kendo) and









illustrated by Anita Benczur (professional cartoonist)


2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hello

    I received A copy of the game a couple days ago and I am enjoying it so far. However I do have one question about the rules that I can’t find an answe for.

    What is the different between reflecting and deflecting an attack?



    • Hello Greg!

      There is no real difference between reflecting and deflecting, only when more than 2 players play. When 2 players play, you can only deflect an attack to your only 1 opponent, so it is basically always a “reflect”. However, when f.e. 3 players play, you can choose the player to whom you “send” your attack. If it is the one who attacked you just before, it is a “reflect”, but if you aim the 3. player, then it is a “deflect”. I hope it helps!



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